Seminar - Modern Database Systems

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Meetings take place on Mondays (2pm-4pm) in 02.09.014


In this seminar, we study the challenges of modern database systems. We discuss the topic along papers very recent publications in different blocks:

  1. cloud based data processing
  2. transaction processing
  3. query optimization
  4. index strucutures


This seminar is geared towards the top students in database systems.
  • Fundamentals of Databases (Grundlagen Datenbanken, GDB) or similar course.
  • Additional database implementation courses are highly recommended.


Dates and Deadlines

  • Preliminary discussion:
  • Registration
  • During the semester
    • You have to present your paper, lead a discussion on another paper, and submit a 5 page report about your paper.
    • Up to two students present their paper each week
    • Deadline for your report is 4 weeks after presenting your paper
    • Presentation will take place each Monday from 2pm to 4pm starting from May 15th in 02.09.014
  • Deadlines (based on your presenation date)
    • 1 week prior: Slides
    • Presenation date: Presentation
    • 4 weeks later: Report

Topic List

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