C-chain is a high performance, but lean variant of Blockchain. Classical Blockchain techniques experience a surprising hype, although they have a number of very serious drawbacks like

  • poor performance and no scalability,
  • terrible ecological footprint,
  • in particular no final settlement,
  • high cost of transactions

C-chain avoids these drawbacks and has additional substantial advantages. The C-chain technology was invented by Prof. (emer.) Rudolf Bayer and implemented by a team of students at the Chair of Database Systems at TUM. It is used in several prototype applications from medical patient records to high performance IoT.

Due to its lean infrastructure, C-chain has been ported to edge devices and even micro controllers and uses hardware security modules (HSM) as cryptographic coprocessors to achieve extremely high performance. This enables new markets with applications like recording pay per use of robots, chains of operating and maintenance data of heavy machinery like power turbines and ship engines etc.


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  • Students
    • Laurenz Baumgart, Valentin Bootz, Kilian Eisert, Johannes Ismair, Moritz Kellermann, Stefan Löhnert, Lisa Lörinci, Stefan Madzharov, Karl Mattes, Jonas Mayer, Piero Schlandt, Tim Schmidt, Christian Thieme, Benedikt Thoma, Paul Wieland, Nouman Zeb
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Student Papers

  • K. Eisert Bachelor Thesis
  • J. Ismair Master Thesis
  • P. Wieland Bachelor Thesis


  • App C-chain-v25.apk
  • App buergerakte_2_6.apk
  • Video Thieme (Turbine measurements)